Multiple File Opening in XP

  Edenry 08:26 07 Apr 2003

Using Windows 95 & 98, I was able to go into a folder, highlight a selection of same file types, and right click to open them all in the same application. With Windows XP Home, I am only allowed to open one file at a time. If I am actually in the application, say Microoft Word, I can open multiple files through File/Open/etc OK.
Any ideas as to how to correct this retrograde step on my system please.

  jazzypop 00:25 08 Apr 2003

I just opened Windows Explorer, selected 3 Excel files, right-clicked and chose Open.

All 3 opened as they should.

Just for fun, I selected 2 Powerpoint files and 2 Word files. As before, all 4 files opened into their proper applications.

Running XP Home and Office 2002 (Office XP).

Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for

  Edenry 14:20 08 Apr 2003

Jazzypop, That's ok - at least I know it Should happen and the fault lies somewhere within my system. But still don't know why.

  Edenry 14:50 11 Apr 2003

I've discovered the corrupting software culprit - It's AVG Virus Checker by Grisoft. Not only does it stop the opening of multiple files from Explorer, but is also the cause of the stalling on certain functions when Windows XP first opens up - the worst being "Network Connections". I read in PC Advisor recently that someone had a problem with this.
Until Grisoft have sorted out the bugs in their software, I would recommend using another Virus Checker. Still what do you expect for FREE. And yes, I was using the XP Version.
I'll start another thread on AVG to wise people up.

  GroupFC 15:04 11 Apr 2003

I have just managed to open three excel files at the same time, as did jazzypop, from explorer.

However I cannot open a mixed selection (word and excel), nor can I open a multiple selection of word files.

I am using AVG and as its free I don't suppose you can have everything!

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