Multiple Crisis!

  Jim3000 mk2 19:27 13 Sep 2003

Hello - Help!

Right, I'm not a very technical guy, so bear with me!

I'm running a Pentium 3 with 64MB and 20GB h/d.
I've just fitted 2 cd drives to my pc, my new CD/RW as D(master) and a bog standard CDrom drive as E(slave). 1st time I booted up I got an error message saying that a system file (c:\windows\system\mfc42.dll) was corrupted and that I should re-install it. I OK'd the message and Windows continued to boot up fine.

I tested the D drive first, when it tried to read a CD the PC crashed/locked up/stopped, etc. I rebooted and got the same error message about the file, then once again it booted up without any further incident. I tested the E drive and actually got it to access some disks, just old backups of text files and pictures, etc. It read that perfectly. So thats 1 drive working and one not working. I decided that with my one working drive I would sort out the corrupted file, I put the Windows CD into drive E and tried to read that, it locked straight up! I tried program manager and it told me that Explorer and My Computer were not responding. Another hasty reboot and I tried it again, this time I tried to replace the file using the windows system checker program. It locked up again when it tried to read the Windows CD.

So I got a few issues here;- Was the installing of the drives responsible for the corrupted file? Is the corrupted file causing the problem with D drive or is it some bizzare hardware conflict? Is my Windows CD knackered?

Should I perhaps disconnect 1 drive and test them inpendantly?

I know someone will suggest that I try re-installing Windows, however I was planning to do that as soon as I had got the CDRW working and backed up my most important files because there have been other, intermittant problems with the PC prior to this. So if theres a possible solution that doesn't involve re-installation right away, that would be useful!

However, if it has to be done, how exactly do I do it? This may seem like a daft question but I've only ever set up Windows from scratch, I've never had to re-install it before. A friend of mine told me to press the Del key during start-up which brings up the universal settings menu. Then he said to go into the Bios settings and alter the drive reading sequence so that the PC reads the CR drive first. I'm assuming you've got to have the windows disk in at the time? And will I have problems with the drives, will I even be able to read the bloody Windows disk!

Sorry if this is novice type stuff, as I said - I'm not that technical a guy, but some assistance would be greatly received!


  VoG II 19:33 13 Sep 2003

You could try replacing the dll file from click here

  gold 47 19:38 13 Sep 2003

You haven't got your slave drive connected to the HD cable have you??

  Jim3000 mk2 20:33 13 Sep 2003

Okay I'm downloading the DLL file now. Does anyone know what this file actually does?


  R4 20:50 13 Sep 2003

Have you set the jumpers on the CD Drives correctly and is the position correct on the IDE Cable. I think the Slave has to be on the centre connector and the master at the end. Check the info sheet that came with the new cd.

Adding drives is unlikely to cause the corrupt dll

  T0SH 21:06 13 Sep 2003

Sounds to me like a jumper setting problem, but whatever do you feel the need for two CD drives, your CDRW drive will function perfectly well as a replacement for your CD reader ?

Cheers HC

  Jim3000 mk2 21:12 13 Sep 2003

Right, first of all, I've installed the replacement DLL file that I downloaded, I restarted and got a different error message

" NAVLU.dll is missing export mfc42.dll : 6467 "

It's all techno-babble to me!

Am I moving closer to the dreaded re-install?

Will either of my drives be able to function in order to re-install?


  VoG II 21:20 13 Sep 2003

That error is related to Norton Anti-virus. The only site I've found is in Japanese though. For what its worth click here

What happens if you try to start up in Safe Mode and what version of Windows please?

  VoG II 21:24 13 Sep 2003

This makes sense click here - try this and tell us how you get on.

  Jim3000 mk2 15:29 14 Sep 2003

Hi, hope some people are still following this situation. I treid to follow the advice on the links above. I sort of gave up and just un-installed Norton Anti-Virus, this has stopped the error message, however I still the CD Rom Drive problems. Now, the CDRW will still not access at all and locks up the PC completely, screen goes black and thats it! The other drive, the one that was sort of working, after a fashion at least, now will not read at all and I get the 'My Computer Not Responding' from program manager and that also leads to a total lock-up!

My next plan of action is going to be try each drive individually as the master. Theres an earlier posting asking if I connected up the drives wrong, I'll check this. I didn't actually fit them myself, a friend who is pretty good with these things did, so it is possible. Someone mentioned connecting one of them accidentally to the hard-drive, well- when My Computer fails to respond, I suppose that might suggest that there is some sort of conflict that stops the PC from accessing the Hard-drive, I'll take a look. I'm pretty certain at this point that the problem seems to be central to when the PC tries to access the master drive. The PC is working fine otherwise.

Right, I'm going to test this now, when I've put my PC back together, I'll get back to you.

Stay Tuned, thanks for your advice, but be prepared, I might need some extra guidance if this doesn't work!



  Jim3000 mk2 15:32 14 Sep 2003

Oh yes, by the way, its Windows 98 that I'm running, sorry I forget to mention that!

RIght, now I'm off the take the PC to bits!


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