Multiple card reader/writer not working

  RBolger112 14:04 18 May 2010

Can anyone help please. I'm not sure what ifo you need so please bear with me!

My desktop pc is ACPI Multiprocessor PC (Ithink!)
running XP home edtition. Disk Drives are MAXTOR STM3500320AS. Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT. Processor is Intel Core 2 Quad. All this info I've got from Device Manager.

Basically when I insert my camera memory card into the card reader nothing happens. The computer doesn't recognise its there. There is a red light by it and another light that usually is yellow/green but this is blank. I know it did work about 3 months ago (i don;'t often take pics!) but now nothing, I'm fairly sure nothing has happened to make it not work.

Any ideas please?

I've checked device manager and there are no yellow warning signs anywhere.

  exdragon 14:12 18 May 2010

I had this problem and then discovered that although an existing SD card worked perfectly, a new SDHC one didn't, so I got a separate card reader. I don't suppose this has any relevance for you, does it?

  RBolger112 15:30 18 May 2010

exdragon - thanks for the suggestion but this is the only card I have and it was working perfectly when i last used it. Works fine in the camera but it seems the computer just won't recognise it. Hmm thinking about it there is also a 2.0 USB in the same bit as this reader will try it out and see if that works as well when I get home later.

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