Multiple attempts to Boot properly

  Procrastinus 09:29 26 Jul 2008

I have an Evesham computer with a GA7VTX board running WinXP Home. On startup it quickly freezes and the screen goes to dead. Resetting the power and the boot process goes further before freezing as before. Usually the third attempt finally suceeds fully. When it freezes, the fans slow a bit as if an electrical load has been suddenly applied. I have changed the PSU for another, put in a new HDD plus ribbon cable, reseated the graphics card and memory module (1GB) I have also monitored the voltoges for 12v and 5v and they show no change during freezing.
Once up and running there are no problems - it is almost as if some component has to warm up before performing properly.
I am perhaps left with a motherboard or a processor problem. I would like to update the processor to a better model but am reluctand to do so if the consensus of opinion is that the motherboard is failing.
Advice asnd possible diagnosis welcomed!

  €dstowe 09:42 26 Jul 2008

The symptoms you describe suggest very strongly a failing PSU but, as you have changed that, it seems odd.

Is the replacement PSU new and powerful enough to do the job or is it just some small old thing you had lying about?

  Procrastinus 10:17 26 Jul 2008

Thanks €dstowe, actually it is more powerful than original. I do have a second computer that works perfectly normally, so I will put that one's PSU into the machine and see if matters improve. Will get back to you!

  Ditch999 12:46 26 Jul 2008

Sounds like a capacitor on the motherboard is failing. If you can get a good look inside at them see if any have a discolouration or a bulge.
You could also try booting in safe mode to rule out software conflicts and disconnecting all unnecessary components like CDs, PCI cards or extra HDDs.
Have you tried reseating all the components like RAM, graphics card, HDD etc

  Procrastinus 16:16 26 Jul 2008

Thanks Ditch999, all the capacitors seem fine - no bulges or discolouration.
I must have two failing PSUs (would you believe it!) as after replacing it with a third one all settled down - thank you €dstowe

  woodchip 16:29 26 Jul 2008

Yep I go along with PSU, try this Disconnect Optical Drives and Floppy if Fitted. You only need remove the Power lead then try booting

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