multifunction printer help and advice needed please

  torgrosset 18:39 08 Feb 2013

Hi, I was hoping somebody could please help as I'm now desperate! I work for a company which is a registered charity and we are based in a public building with no internet access.

We had a multifunctional printer (Canon MP600) which has died on us and that model is no longer availbale. We used it for copying, scanning and printing photos direct from a SD card as we don't have access to a PC/laptop. For printing photos our old printer used to take the photos direct from a SD card (which I understand is the "norm" nowadays) however we couls also select a layout and which photos we wanted to print so that it printed 8 x different photos on 1 x A4 piece of paper without using a PC - it did it all from the SD card via the printer itself.

We are desperately looking for a printer that does the same but finding it difficult to find one - please help! As we're a charity we don't have a huge budget, possibly up to around £150 ish and we don't really need/want anything fancy, so long as it prints, copies, scans and has the option of puting multiple photos onto one sheet of paper without using a PC. Thanks.

  SillBill 19:07 08 Feb 2013

If you are anywhere near Cirencester or know someone near there this may be useful:

Ebay Pick up only

  torgrosset 19:18 08 Feb 2013

Thanks SillBill, unfortunately we're not. I keep looking on good old ebay but they're all to far away. Also, I think the company would rather we bought a new printer now too.

  Woolwell 20:23 08 Feb 2013

The Epson SX535WD will do it. I think that many Epson's with a card reader will do it.

  SillBill 20:32 08 Feb 2013


I have an Epson SX438W and although I've never used the card reader facility I don't think it can print 6 copies of a picture on one A4 sheet, I will quite happily be corrected on that.

  Woolwell 20:35 08 Feb 2013

The SX535WD allows you to select several different formats. 2 to a page, 4 to a page, 8 to a page and 20.

  SillBill 20:40 08 Feb 2013

I should try to find my instruction manual!

  Woolwell 20:42 08 Feb 2013

You're right about the SX438W though. It will only print one photo per time. Need to check each model.

  SillBill 20:49 08 Feb 2013

The other point is that it is harder and harder to find SX series, Epson have gone to the Expression series which still have no compatible cartridges and if you choose an SX series from an Argos catalogue you will get an Expression series substitute!

  Woolwell 21:00 08 Feb 2013

The Expression XP-405 does it according to the manual.

I bought my last printer from Printerbase. There would be no harm in contacting them and see what they suggest.

  SillBill 21:13 08 Feb 2013

Woolwell, I accept that the XP-405 can do it, but when will compatible cartridges make it affordable?

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