Multicard+flash reader for digital camera

  pat-212841 07:13 11 Jun 2004

I put the disc that come with this in computer thats ok connected the multicard and up come a icon but all that says is "uninstall multicard" anyone no where the programe is ? i know its on the computer but dont know how to open it! before i just plug the camera into the computer and up comes all the photos i have taken.i am on windows xp ,cheers

  stlucia 08:49 11 Jun 2004

If the icon says "uninstall multicard", doesn't that mean that it is already installed correctly? Have you put a card into it to see if it works?

  pat-212841 10:08 11 Jun 2004

yes the cards in it and it downloaded the disc that come with it and it says its working ok but i cant find on computer where it is !when i plug it all in up comes that icon but that just says "safely remove hardware " sorry feeling really stupid but i thought it would just come on the screen like when i plug the camera in .

  pat-212841 10:11 11 Jun 2004

I just pushed the card in hard and it all comes up now , sorry, thanks for your help. what on earth would i do without everyone on Pc Advisor , cheers

  Stuartli 10:35 11 Jun 2004

If you are using a multicard reader and XP you won't need to install any drivers.

By going to My Computer>Explore>Local Disk (C) you should see additional drive letters depending on how many types of cards can be read.

Exploring each letter until you find the one containing your card's file will then allow you to drag and drop the pix files to a specific folder.

However, only delete the picture files afterwards from the camera itself, not whilst connected to your system. If you do inadvertently, you will have to reformat the memory card.

Just using the camera there will normally only be one extra drive letter, generally R (Removeable).

  pat-212841 13:26 11 Jun 2004

Many thanks Stuartli, i have printed that out and will try to do that later.

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