Multible windows XP installed, one corrupt

  [DELETED] 16:26 18 Jan 2006

Ok, someone decided it would be smart to turn off my pc while I was installing the patch for FF11 which corrupted the game, when it uninstalled I was given the option to delete several registry file things (I wasn't paying too much attention) and they got deleted. Next time I restarted the computer it would tell me that
Windows root\system32\hal.dll was missing and I was restart and boot from cd. Soon I reinstalled windows but without formatting the harddrive (I have alot of stuff that I'd rather not lose) and now theres two versions of windows installed, I'm given the option of which one I want to install when i start the pc. One of which does not work and the other one i have all my files for but all my installs are screwed up and I'll have to redownload alot of programs to reinstall. Is there anyway to fix the old windows XP install and if not how do i uninstall it but leave the new one and its files alone?
(P.s. yes, I am a dumbass...)

  [DELETED] 16:46 18 Jan 2006

Not quite sure how to get you out of this mess, but it's a salutary reminder not to dive in too quickley when given options that you're not sure about. If hal.dll was all that was needed you could have downloaded it from click here

Also what you should have done was to boot with the XP disc and gone through the process to repair your Windows installation, not install it again. You can try doing this still, but be careful. Do not use the Recovery Console (This also offers the option to repair, instead press Enter to go into Windows Setup. It will search for installations, select the one you want to keep and press R to start the process. Hopefully Windows will install over itself and you should be ok again.

What you do with the unwanted installation is anyone's guess. I suppose you can just delete it.

Then fit another gard drive and install imaging software, and backup regurlarly.

  [DELETED] 16:59 18 Jan 2006

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