Multi tasking is a problem

  golfpro 11:07 23 May 2006

I have just recently bought a new PC, Pentium 4, 200GB HD etc etc Running XP home.
The problem I have is I like to listen to the radio (streaming) while doing other things on the computer, sometimes when I am down loading or surfing a web site. I get a lot of disturbance on the sound until the site is downloaded. The other thing is it is impossible to run Ad-Aware while the radio is playing the sound comes through like a tape playing at half speed.
Could this be something to do with the power cord to the PC, I have the main power lead plugged into a multi socket on the last position, its the only thing I can think of.
This never happened on my old PC.

  CLONNEN 13:24 23 May 2006

You could try upgrading your PSU to a higher wattage. Could also try upgrading the RAM to full capacity.

Are you using on-board sound or is it a dedicated sound card in a PCI slot?

  CLONNEN 13:27 23 May 2006

Or maybe you should try a different internet browser and see if you get any improvement.

Opera for instance is usually quicker then Internet Explorer. Firefox is supposed to be more streamlined as well.

Both Opera and Firefox use less memory than Internet Explorer.

There are plenty of other browsers around which might be better for your needs.

  gudgulf 13:55 23 May 2006

If your pc is new it will almost certainly have an adaquate psu.....and I don't believe the multi socket is the problem...I use one myself,no problems.

As a check have just done the following...started a radio stream through my AOL connection (2Mb),run a scan with Adaware,Avast and SpybotS&D simmultaneously whilst typing this.I also have [email protected] running in the backround.

The radio stream is unaffected by this...running perfectly.I have a P4 3.2GHz cpu.

I suspect this is something to do with the pcs configuration......whats running in the background? What else is different about the new pc compared to the old one?

Could anything be interfering with your internet bandwidth or hogging the cpu?

Check whats running in Task manager and check the cpu usage with a radio stream running.......what radio channel do you listen to by the way,I'd like to try the same as you get a problem with out of interest.

Have you checked for malware recently?

  golfpro 14:48 23 May 2006

Have done a run on Ad-Aware and virus check,Ad-awre found only cookies.
I listen to BBC Radio 2. (I am in Austria) over Real Player. There are a lot of pre- installed programs on the new PC which are running in the background.
How do I get into Task Manager?
BTW my PC has a 3.8GHz cpu.

  gudgulf 15:13 23 May 2006

To get into Task manager right click the taskbar and pick task manager from the popup menu.

Just check Radio 2 through Real Player...+ Adaware scan.No problems at all.

Your 3.8GHz P4 should have no problem with multitasking....there are few processors that are faster!

Since it's new have you contacted the manufacturer about this problem?

  golfpro 16:42 23 May 2006

I don't know :-( there only two programs running, but the problem still persists.

  Shortstop 16:50 23 May 2006

2 questions ; how much RAM and, on the processes tab unders Task manager, what is using a lot of the RAM that you have [list say the top 5 processes]?

I agree that with that processor, multitasking should be a breeze!


  golfpro 19:11 23 May 2006

That's what I can't understand, there is no pressure on the PC at all. I have 1gb of RAM twice as much as I had with the old PC. Also with Ad-Aware, I/E and the radio running the CPU is only at 45%.

  Shortstop 20:21 23 May 2006

Well, as the Adware scans [and I assume Virus scans] are all clear, you have the processing power and the RAM, I would be considering either bandwith throttling or the connection between your PC, the ISP and the BBC as being at fault.

Another thing - have you downloaded and run Spybot S&D [ click here ] as sometimes one can miss what another picks up?

At least this posting will bring the problem back to the top for others to make suggestions .....



  golfpro 06:15 24 May 2006

I suppose I could solve the problem by turning off Real Player when I want to surf or run other programs, But why the hell should I, I bought this PC as an upgrade not a downgrade.
I am thinking of going back to the shop today and asking them if they know what the problem could be, or if I can change the Computer, I've only had it a few days.

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