Multi photos on print page

  john-232317 20:23 02 Nov 2003

Sorry guys but done a search !

A little while ago there was a link to some free software that gave the option to print multiple photos on one sheet of paper.

Be very grateful if someone could give me the link....tia john

  mikef. 20:50 02 Nov 2003

This is the one I have recomended here before click here

  accord 21:25 02 Nov 2003

there is an option in My Pictures in XP, you can select the photos you want to print in the wizard and there is the option of different page layouts.

  MAJ 21:40 02 Nov 2003

click here, dadyassa

  john-232317 22:05 02 Nov 2003

Thanks for the link mikef.

maj thanks also, i have irfanview, but cant work out how to put multi photos on one sheet.

How do you do it ? thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:15 02 Nov 2003

Try Epson PhotoQuicker

  Diodorus Siculus 22:16 02 Nov 2003

And the link that I forgot to give for Epson click here

  GroupFC 10:38 03 Nov 2003

Into my postings for future reference (when I get a decent printer!).

  MAJ 10:48 03 Nov 2003

Sorry dadyassa, I was thinking of something else when I mentioned Irfanview, I don't think Irfanview has that option yet. I usually use Paintshop Pro to print multiple images on one page, File > Print Multiple Images (when the images are open in PSP).

  john-232317 15:11 03 Nov 2003

I thuoght i could not find it in ifanview...;-)

mikef was the link i needed, thanks all...

  david4637 16:35 03 Nov 2003

Can you use Irfanview to print multi images onto one page? Thanks David

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