Multi page TIFs are corrupted / no longer viewable

  CLONNEN 07:05 16 Jul 2005

For about four years I have been archiving various paper documents such as my financial statements onto my computer in the form of multi page TIF files.

During my most recent archiving session a couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of my multi page TIFs was no longer displaying a thumbnail inthe Thumbnails view. All the others were so I double-clicked on the TIF file only to get an error message telling me that the file was corrupted and could not be opened. This was with the Windows Imaging program. I tried to open it with several other image programs but again none of them could open it either.

I even tried restoring the file from an earlier backup copy (about a year old) with exactly the same result.

I have since found a few other TIFs on my computer with the same problem. They all have one thing in common - they all have multiple pages.

I have already tried Photo Recovery software and it didn't work.

  CLONNEN 08:21 16 Jul 2005

I did wonder if perhaps installing other image software was responsible (I had some come with a new scanner I bought recently) but I think this would affect ALL the TIFs (some multiple page TIF files can still be opened okay in Windows Imaging). So it can't be a registry thing or a file association thing (I don't think).

  CLONNEN 20:36 16 Jul 2005

Anyone had any thoughts about my problem as yet?

Does no-one else use TIFs for multiple page documents like I do?

  premier man 09:54 30 Oct 2005

CLONNEN I have same problem but with a set of photos,Ihave tried all ways,but still no joy,hope someone can help us both out,fingers crossed

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