Multi format cd writer problem...HELP!!

  speedy007 21:40 22 Oct 2004

Hi all, any help would be much appreciated.
I have just purchased a Medion laptop.
The problem is the DVD writer..

This is what's printed on the side of the box.

DVD-Writer / -ReWriter

I went out today to get hold of some disks to copy some video footage over to no avail.
It's supposed to be a multi format DVD RE-Writer and if I right click on the drive and go into properties, it shows the disk inserted is a DVD-R,
which is whats in there, plus it also shows up
free space 0mb and used space 0mb

Can anyone who has the available wisdom, possibly help me resolve my problem.

Is it a case that the media being DVD-R is incompatible?

Do I have to format the media before use?
I use nero burning rom and have never had any problems writing to CD R's using my desktop P.C

If I do have to format the disk, then where would I look to format it, because no option is available from right clicking on DVD drive.

I have a Medion Ram2000 laptop if this is of any help also if any1 can direct me to a website review on this particular laptop or any1 else own one, please share your views.

Many thanks in advance.

  Paranoid Android 00:28 23 Oct 2004

Sounds like a software problem. You need to use burning software that can handle DVD writing. What version of Nero are you using, can it cope with DVDs?


  Sharpamatt 06:47 23 Oct 2004

most Medions come with Nero if you just got this it should be 6 which has updates on their wedsite.

You cannot format or ease a DVD R I suggest you get a couple of DVD RW these you can ease and rewrite, ) the option to ease is in Nero but on DVD R it cannot work they are write and read, not ease and rewrite )so playing around untill you get it working you wont loose any information or waste disks.

Have you tryed writing to CD on the drive ? that will show connections are correct

In nero there is a drive test option.dont forget there are seperate lasors for CD and DVD

  speedy007 18:34 23 Oct 2004

Thanks for both your replies.

I'm using nero 6 that came pre-installed on the laptop and it has a tab which shows DVD or CD.

I was so determined to get the thing working that I thought about using another bit of software which I downloaded last night, which was Sonic, the only problem in the manual is that Sonics DLA function is not compatable with Nero and they suggest uninstalling Nero to solve the DLA problem.

Now I can write to DVD-R's and thought, if I don't use the DLA funtion then I can keep Nero on my sys aswell.

Thanks chaps. Problem solved.

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