multi emiail delivery failures

  eedcam 05:40 27 Jan 2010

Last night on opening Hotmail found about a dozen delivery failures none of which were in re4sponse to anything I sent .Also several raised tickets at varioussites of progrmmes I use .again not sent by me .Though it has come from myemail name/address .Have ran a scan with super antispyware nothing found also scan with AVG again nothing found.These appear to be forwarded or replies to emails existing in my inbox or contact list .Any help appreciated

  mgmcc 07:59 27 Jan 2010

It may be that your Hotmail account has been compromised and malicious emails are being sent from your address to addresses in your Inbox or Contacts List. Emails could also be sent to addresses not in your account and, as these have your address in the "From:" field, any that bounce will come back to you.

As Hotmail is a "web-based" service, with all details maintained on the Hotmail servers and not in your PC, running AntiVirus and Spyware scanners is unlikely to make any difference.

This is the second instance of this problem I've come across in the last day or two so if it persists you may need to cancel or abandon your existing Hotmail account and set up a new one.

  stlucia 08:06 27 Jan 2010

It happens to me from time to time with my madasafish accounts. When I contacted them they said it was most likely someone had used my address as a fake "from" address in their spam, as mentioned by mgmcc.

After a few days it goes away for me -- presumably the spammers are constantly changing their "from" address.

  eedcam 08:49 27 Jan 2010

Thanks guys it seems as if my account has been got at I'm trying a new password setup and dumped my contact list for the moment .If that dont stop it then looks like its a a new account Cheers

  eedcam 16:05 27 Jan 2010

Further info on the possible culprit as I have had one reply from a friend who got one of the Rogue mails .All that is in it is this link which when used you find the site has been disabled due to breaking regulations hopefully thats all it was .Still amystery as to how it got my contacts etc,' Ive taken the http and the com out in effort to stop it just showing as a Click here

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