Multi Device Synchronisation

  Legslip 12:26 14 Jan 2013

I have a desktop PC running Win 7 & MS Office 2010 with Outlook, an Ipad and a Samsung Galaxy S3. I still use a paper filofax to co-ordinate my diary but is there a way that I can go electronic and use an electronic diary so that all three devices are co-ordinated?

  Woolwell 12:40 14 Jan 2013

I was going to suggest Google Calendar but have just discovered that Google Calendar Sync is no longer available. The iPad will sync with Outlook using iCloud and allow you to go electronic. The Samsung will sync through Kies or through Google Calendar but the snag is getting the data from Outlook to Google. The free Google Calendar Sync used to do this ok (albeit I used to find it worked best one way only).

  Woolwell 12:51 14 Jan 2013

Syncmycal may do the job between Outlook and Google Calendar but i haven't tried it. Google switching off Google Calendar Sync (or rather new downloads/set ups) is a pain.

  compumac 13:19 14 Jan 2013

I have Evernote that synchronises my S3, My Galaxy Tab and also my main PC along with another laptop. It works very well

  Woolwell 13:23 14 Jan 2013

On reflection there is a snag with using iCloud for the iPad as iCloud sets up a separate calendar in Outlook and it probably will not sutosync with the Google/Android device.

  Legslip 13:55 14 Jan 2013

Thanks people. Have syncd Galaxy & Outlook but need to do some tidying up. Are we stuck regarding the iPad & Outlook?

  Woolwell 14:04 14 Jan 2013

Which method did you use to sync the Galaxy?

  morddwyd 20:40 14 Jan 2013

Have a look at Pocket Informant from Web IS.

Synchs with Toodledoo, with its own (beta) on line app, Google and Outlook.

No connection.

  Legslip 20:46 14 Jan 2013

Hello Woolwell. Synced the Galaxy using Kies as you suggested thanks.

  Woolwell 22:04 14 Jan 2013

You can try using iCloud for the iPad. It sets up an iCloud calendar in Outlook and all of the other entries are copied from the main Outlook Calendar. Not sure if you can set Kies to look at that. You can click to sent new Outlook entries to the icloud one or create straight in iCloud.

Contacts are more difficult but I don't think you want that at this stage.

  Legslip 23:51 14 Jan 2013

Woolwell. Yes did use iCloud for iPad. Everything is a bit messy and needs a good tidy up. Work to do!

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