Multi Desktop with TV-Out?

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 22:12 07 Mar 2003

I would like to have 2 monitors on my system to increase my desktop space. Is it possible to do this setup using the TV out on the graphics card to use a TV as an extra monitor, rather than using an additional graphics card (as I dont have a DVI port on my card.)


  powerless 22:14 07 Mar 2003

Yes if you have the TV-out...

Text will not be as crisp on the TV as it on on the monitor but you can do it.

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 22:20 07 Mar 2003

Cool. I realise that the display will be no where near as sharp, but I just wanted it for the little extra space.

I understand to set up a multi-desktop with an extra graphics card, you just simply install the extra card and enable the "expand my destop to this monitor" option in desktop properties.

How would I configure my TV to do this and exactly what leads do I need to do it.

Thanks a lot.

  powerless 22:31 07 Mar 2003

My TV has a S-V input (S-Video) and my graphics card has a TV-Out...A cable runs from the two connections. To get the TV to show a picture from the S-V. I have to go through the AV inputs. On my tv its AV3 (black and white) and then AV3S (colour).

But you have to tell the grpahics card to output a siganal through the TV-Out...Im my graphic dispalay settings it automatically detects a TV. Then you have to choose what view type you will. Weather it be the same display on both screens or two different displays. Word document on the monitor whilst watching a DVD from the TV. (DVD in puter)

You need a TV-Out cable. The TV also has to be able to recieve the S-Video (from the card).

You can do it from the one card. Dosnt matter about DVI...

This is the way i did it.

  powerless 22:32 07 Mar 2003

What card do you have?

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 22:35 07 Mar 2003

Geforce 4 MX 440 SE

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 22:37 07 Mar 2003

I dont have any special ports on my TV. I have an audo (white) and a video (yellow) port on the front of the TV and on the back all I have is a scart connector and a coax socket.

Does this mean I cant do it now?

  powerless 22:41 07 Mar 2003

You can do it via the scart...

TV-Out with a scart conector, i've seen them somewhere, i'm sure!

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 22:43 07 Mar 2003

Good point. I've just done a search for TV out cables for my card and cannot find them anywhere. Could you have a quick look for me if you're not too busy coz you know what you're looking for.


....TV-Out with scart.....

  Migwell 23:34 07 Mar 2003

Maplins will help you. They have S-VHS cables and phono with S-VHS to scart adaptors adaptors from £7.99. 15 Mtr. S-VHS cable about £15.00

  hugh-265156 00:04 08 Mar 2003

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