Multi-Accessing Database

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I have a Microsoft Access 2000 database and i would like to share it with two other users. We are in a NT4 Sp6 Network. Is it possible, by using ODBC links etc.

Hope you can help


  Chris the Ancient 09:50 23 Sep 2003

Doesn't come out too difficult.

You create a 'master database' which holds all the tables and that resides on the 'server'. All users then have a set of forms and reports to access this table on their machine. This means that there is only the one set of data.

If you read up the help files on "database splitter", you'll see that it's fairly easy.



Thanks Chris

But is it possible to use an ODBC link to share the database. Put the database on the server and then link the workstations to that database via ODBC.


  Chris the Ancient 12:28 23 Sep 2003

My initial suggestion is ideal for 'small' solutions of maybe two or three people wanting to share a database.

Larger facilities may need a full exchange or SQL server system and this is developed in Access Pro Developer - an expensive package.

Try going with the first suggestion for the now.

BTW. I did get your e-mail, but I prefer to keep threads working throught the PCA method as it can help other people who may have a similar question or problem.


Hello Chris i have tried to use the Database Splitter, but when i have tried to split the database it says i have already the database open, and i have. Because that is the only way i can split the database with the database open. Can you help me please.


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