To much Green

  jerica 10:56 09 Jul 2011

Hi, still trying to get the colours on the print to be the same as the screen, seem to have too much green now, any clues? I've got a Canon IP4300 and I generally use the Canon print utility to print pics but the colours are never that close. Tried using Photoshop but not much luck there either. Any help would be good, thanks.

  Diemmess 12:47 09 Jul 2011

Your thread implies a previous one, so I suppose this is an ongoing problem. If not, then can you fill out your story telling what is new or changed, and what you have really tried? If it is ongoing then perhaps a link to a previous thread would save you having to repeat yourself

Calibrating your printer is I believe one of the abilities of Photoshop. Even so most of these facilities are in the end subjective. Assuming the source of your pictures is your camera, have you tried playing with its settings? There is usually a whole menu-full of shifting colour temperature and other mysterious things, which most of us never play with.

  [DELETED] 13:15 09 Jul 2011

You may well need to calibrate your monitor. Getting print output to match rgb is not easy.

  [DELETED] 14:41 09 Jul 2011

First calibrate your monitor, use something like and then you can calibrate the printer. With most printers you can go into printer properties and then the advanced tab to alter the colour but you will have to stick to the same ink and paper or else you will have to do it all over again. You wont ever get it right for all pictures as you cant balance transmitted light (monitor) to reflected light (paper).

  jerica 16:32 09 Jul 2011

Ta for the response, I've tried using the MCW link before and nothing happens, it downloads but then asks if I want to run and when told yes there is a very brief window and then nothing.

  [DELETED] 17:21 09 Jul 2011

getting exact colour matching is not an easy process. You need:

  1. A top Quality Digital Monitor ( As high a resolution as possible)
  2. A High end graphics card

And that;s just the beginning a colour printer, top of the range, then you spend hours searching for the right colour profile to get the match just right.

It's a must for me, and It took me several weeks on my old PC to get things pretty near perfect.

Different cameras use different profiles for best results. In short, this is pretty high end stuff.

Short solution? If you don;t want to spend £££££ on kit, burn your files to DVD and look online for a local print specialist in your area.

I'm hoping my new imac will be easier to use, but I know I will have to fiddle to get HD and colours as I want!

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