Mthly debit to Cdt Card - any safeguards against?

  Revi 22:25 25 Dec 2004

If I give my credit card number to a webhosting company to debit my a/c monthly and if after a few months I am not satisfied with their services and I wish to stop continuing using their services further, perfectly in accordance with the rules, are there any kind of safeguards I can resort to to ensure that the webhosting company does not continue deducting monthly charges and misuse my credit card number? If so, what are the safegards left to me?

  Taran 23:13 25 Dec 2004

Without getting into the standard rules and regs of purchaing online, ISPs and web hosts have their own terms and conditions which should be your first port of call to check.

Most hosts demand a minimum of one months notice to cancel an account - some demand much more.

When setting up your account you are asked to agree to and abide by the hosts terms of use, and part of this usually governs periods of notice required for account cancellation.

Stopping payment without formally cancelling your agreement in writing is always a big mistake.

Check your hosts help or FAQ section to see what they require for a fair term of notice of cancellation. 23:25 25 Dec 2004

but the few hosting companies I have dealings with only accept yearly, or half yearly patments.

You dont mention which company you are dealing with (wisely), but I doubt if they are that reputable if they actually deal with customers on a monthly basis. I may be wrong, but it just sems a bit strange to me.

  Revi 08:21 26 Dec 2004

Sorry, my question has not been answered. I have already made it very clear that if I played by the rules set by the webhost correctly (which means giving notice as per their terms)and even after that they continue deducting money from a/c without my authorization, then what can I do to prevent it?
This is for, okay I'll switch to annual payment with a more "serious" host but it still does not solve my problem which is how to prevent money drawn from my a/c without proper rights.

  tonyuk72 14:42 26 Dec 2004

You can place payments into dispute, but you have to prove that you are not obligated to pay them. Sometimes payments can slip through, hense the fact you can place disputes against them when they do.

I had some trouble when I terminated my contract with freeserve/wanadoo & actually had to place 3 disputes against my CC account & was advised to replace my card.

  Revi 15:43 27 Dec 2004

Thanks guys for your views on the subject.

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