MSWORKS database randomly scrambles numbers

  profi 15:58 13 Jan 2006

MSWORKS Version 5. Windows XP Home.

MS Works database changed many dates (which were okay in December 2005) when opened today (January 13 2006) - e.g. the year 1907 became 1807; the year 1975 became 2075! Furthermore reference numbers have repeated themselves, overwriting previously allocated numbers. Help. Is this a known problem on a year change in this millennium? Or is this a known Friday 13th phenomenon?

  Simsy 16:09 13 Jan 2006

but to clarify, have ALL the dates changed?

Have they all gone back exactly 100 years?

Have they all been entered as dates, or are they the result of some calculations?

(Note I'm not a database expert at all, just digging for clues that might help someone solve it!)

Good luck,



  profi 16:29 13 Jan 2006

1. Not all the dates (but we can't use short version xx/xx/xx only xx/xx/xxxx).

2. Back, or forward, exactly 100 years (which made me suspect something happened at 31/12/2005).

3. Only as dates, not calculations.

4. Reference numbers, when manually changed, have automatically changed the next half dozen or so as well. It is this which makes me suspect a Friday 13th attack.

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