phaeton 14:53 21 Dec 2003

or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered a file is missing or invalid.

I get this error when I boot to Win98 on a machine that has XP but has now decided it won't load XP - get blue screen C0000218 hive file - \systemroot\system32\config\software corrupt absecnt not readable

any suggestions - been having all sorts of issues for the last week since I put this machine together (stems from trying to use an old conficured drive in a brand new machine as well as installing new one I suspect!)

as ever your thoughts appreciated

  Lozzy 15:31 21 Dec 2003

insert the XP CD then click on start>>run and type sfc /scannow

See if that cures your ales

  Gongoozler 15:33 21 Dec 2003

Is this any help? click here

and this click here

  phaeton 17:35 21 Dec 2003

meanwhile things have now got a whole load worse!
brief history (last 2 hours) -
Background - I have a 25Gb Fat32 formatted drive that had 98SE on it and then had XP added. |Was partitioned C: and D: but things got a bit mixed up. All ran OK until I decided to upgrade PC - er the only thing that remained was the Floppy drive and the hard drive.
As I have a 98se disk/licence, and an XP upgrade disk/licence I decided to leave the old HD in and lo and behold it booted from it and off we went until the probs above.
Am now messing around having done a fresh install to the new drive - because 98 won't go onto ntfs, and dos doesn't see it, I am having some probs! Disconnecting my old drive after the installation also causes complete screwup even reseting bios/boot.
Ah well - will come back when I understand my next question!

  VoG II 17:39 21 Dec 2003

Read NTFS disks from DOS click here

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