rawprawn 20:02 24 Nov 2004

After reading palinka's post I have downloaded and set up this program. It shows Tagging is on, but it is not telling me that my outward emails have been opened. I know because I sent my daughter a test email. she has replied but nothing has happened, no notification. What am I doing wrong. I have registered with MSGTAG my email address and password. Do I have to visit the site to find out if my email has been read?

  rawprawn 20:37 24 Nov 2004

That is what it should be, I misposted it.

  Lionheart ? 21:05 24 Nov 2004

No, you do not need to go to MSGTAG web site to see if mail has been read. Have you tried sending one to yourself, when you open it, it should tell you that an receipt has been sent. Then you should get notification that it has been opened.

Have you set up your email account in MSGTAG.

  rawprawn 21:21 24 Nov 2004

Hi, yes I have set up the account, in fact I wondered if I had done it properly and tried again, but it told me it already existed. I have just sent myself an email and nothing happened. I must be doing something wrong.My firewall is enabled for MSGTAG

  rawprawn 21:23 24 Nov 2004

How do you get notification that an email has been opened ? By Email ? or some other way ?

  woodchip 21:25 24 Nov 2004

If you only just set it up, it may need time to initialise

  Lionheart ? 21:25 24 Nov 2004

Notification by email.

Well it seems like you have set it up ok, so don't know what the problem is, sorry.

  rawprawn 21:30 24 Nov 2004

I have gone abit further, and got the message "congratulations you are now ready" but still nothing

  rawprawn 21:33 24 Nov 2004

Thanks I will try again in the morning.

  woodchip 21:39 24 Nov 2004

PS you could also try rebooting your computer

  Lionheart ? 21:57 24 Nov 2004

Just a thought, do you use Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL for your emails, as MSGTAG will not work with them.

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