M'Soft Essentials+Malwarebytes-Do I need SuperAntiSpyware too?

  buel 09:36 18 Aug 2013

Hi all, I have a Sony Vaio that runs XP and has just had a fresh install. I have updated Microsoft Essentials and installed Malwarebytes and Ccleaner. Please can I ask: 1. Do I need to install SuperAntiSpyware too? 2. Essentials does not appear in the taskbar, I take it it still runs in the background? 3. How often should I run the Essentials scan?

Thank you in advance, B

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:49 18 Aug 2013


1 firewall (the one in XP is not good enough, Windows Firewall for vista & and 8 is OK)

1 Antivirus (more than one will clash with each other and possibly really slow your machine

As much antispyware as you want - One real time scanner and one as a backup to scan weekly to make sure your first is good enough (Some antivirus programs include antispyware scanners.)

On XP I use Sygate firewall - Avast antivirus/antispyware realtime scanners, Spywareblaster as a blocker, Malwarebytes and SAS as the backup checker for Avast not had a problem for years with this setup.

I use MSE on another XP backup machine but an not that happy with it.

  Nontek 09:51 18 Aug 2013

You do not need to install SAS, but it would do no harm if you did install it.

MSE usually runs its scans automatically, but if/when you need to run a scan, the colour of the Shortcut in the Taskbar will change, prompting you to run a scan. There is nothing to stop you running scans whenever you feel like it. I think the taskbar icon will appear after you have run a Quick Scan.

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  buel 10:17 18 Aug 2013

Brilliant, both of you, thank you!!

Just a little query regarding Spywareblaster, I had it for a while, am i right in thinking that you dont actually have to run scans and you just have to leave it running in the background?

Also, The vaio only has 2gb of ram, is there a possibility that SAS would slow it down as im sure it slows down my other laptop when it is in the taskbar?

PS- Nontek, you are right, it does now appear, thank you!

  onthelimit1 10:22 18 Aug 2013

Missing icon? Try ending the msseces process in task manager and then restart MSE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 18 Aug 2013

I have SAS and have disabled the startup item (using CCleaner) so it is not running in real time and slowing my machine by using memory, just run it occassionaly as a backup checker.

SpywareBlaster is a blocker run it check for update - enable all protection shut it down. Effectively it adds entries in your registry to block you from opening dodgy sites with your browser.

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