MSN/windows messenger sign in problems

  Da-B-Man 00:36 24 Apr 2004

Ive tried siging in on both msn clients but all i get is "we were unable to sign you in, possibly because of a problem with your internet connection. Please make sure you are connected to the internet".

Thing is i am connected to the internet and web pages load perfect its jus the msn client that fails to sign me in. I have tried deleteing n reinstalling and checking my firewall settings and system restore. All seems to be ok.

It was working perfect yesterday.

Any Ideas ??

  Swampy 07:31 24 Apr 2004

I've had this trouble and after a while was able to get in. I'm sure it's them and not you. Bet you're signed in by the time you read this! Why it comes up with that message is beyond me - it's very confusing.

  Da-B-Man 12:48 24 Apr 2004

thanks swampy for you post,
after numerous tries last night signing in i still can't sign in today either, server status is fine to me and so is my internet connection so i duon't know where the problem lies.

does anyone else know how to solve this problem???


  Da-B-Man 19:34 24 Apr 2004


Anyone out there please help me

  ade.h 20:01 24 Apr 2004

As in Swampy's case, I've had that in the past, but like you have found, it can be persistent. It cleared when I lowered my Privacy settings in IE (which MSN imports) and put all possible MSN-related cookies in the Allowed list. This might also work for you.

  expertec 20:03 24 Apr 2004

I've not had any problems, but someone I know has been unable to sign in all day :-(

  Charence 20:10 24 Apr 2004

Hi, I had this problem last week, its been solved now though, whenever I tried to call anyone in a Voice/Video conversation it would crash.

Download AVG and see if it finds a "Dialer.6.G" virus. The symptoms I experienced was MSN Messenger not working, IE very slow and CPU working 100% constantly.


  Da-B-Man 21:08 24 Apr 2004

Hey thanks people for the suggestions
i have tried all these but i still cannot sign in...i have read on some other forums that this is a major problem and to solve it people reinstall windows xp, but i dont want to go that far so if anyone else has anymore suggestions please tell, as this is just getting on my nerves

  Da-B-Man 01:23 25 Apr 2004


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