MSN Music files "link is broken"

  Maturin 12:04 04 Jan 2006

Am alone in being unable to play my WMA files purchased from MSN Music Store? I send a message to the help desk using the pop-up and have been doing so for over 2 weeks. Even allowing for Xmas, I am frustrated at the lack of a reply explaining how to fix the problem. This has led to the realisation that I do not really own these files! Why? Because MSN will only allow me to re-license the tracks a limited number of times (I think it is three). I know they are trying to protect their investiment but this is cruel - when I get my next Desktop PC I doubt I shall be able to play them because of the problem I am now having through no obvious fault of mine. Have we all been duped by the music download providers into renting our music? No wonder the music industry is anxious for us to spend more on legal downloads. Is the problem I have with MSN Musicstore unique? Are customers of other providers affected in a similar way? I have spent nearly £40 on tracks and if I want to hear them again on my PC I may have to spend another £40! Therefore I am returning to buying my music on CDs because I can listen to them anytime and copy them as often as needed to my desktop PC.


  Maturin 15:06 04 Jan 2006

So, anyone have ing this problem? ANy suggestions on what else I can do?

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