MSN Monitoring

  orangewhiteblue 18:15 18 May 2005


Is there any free software which will tell me just how much my son is using MSN (I'm not interested in the content)?

At the rate he's using it at present I can't see him doing to well at his GCSE's!


  Taw® 19:29 18 May 2005

You can install keyloggers and in MSN 7 you can save the messages in notepad, as well as giving you the messages it will also show times etc, however there is very little you can put on a machine that someone his age will not know is there. The best way is to speak to him and trust that he will use it wisely. Hope this helps.

  Technotiger 20:34 18 May 2005

Hi, in MSN Messenger

...Tools>Options>Messages>Message History, put a tick in Automatically keep a history of my conversations. Conversations will then be recorded in Documents folder under My Received Files.

Try to do it without him knowing - he may not think, or know, to look for them. They don't know everything - only think they do.


  Technotiger 20:36 18 May 2005

ps - my next door neighbours son (17 yr old) uses msn messenger with his mates - he often comes to me for help with his pc.

  gabriella 21:28 18 May 2005

Hi Orangewhiteblue

As the parent of two Year 11 young people with GCSEs looming I can fully appreciate and symapthise with your problem.

I have a couple of tricks in my armour which I will share......

Firstly our PC is password protected and the adults log the children on. That way you can manage the amount of time on the PC. Basically, if we are not at home, they can't log on. Tough but that's the way it is, otherwise they would be MSN-ing all day!!

Secondly, if they need to go onto the PC to do school work and we aren't around, I change them to 'child' settings on Norton thereby restricting all chat sites. They have never worked this one out and think that it's to do with the various software I have on the computer to protect from spyware etc....

Thirdly, we have a 'deal' about the aamount of work they need to before accessing MSN and then an agreed time when they have to be off. Anyone in the family with work to do has priority over MSN use.

I personally am not in favour of monitioring directly the content of the MSN - to be frant I can't read some of the text type talk.

It's a modern problem unfortunately but I guess we are all easily distracted with other more appealing things!

Take care

Gabriella x

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