MSN mEssenger is ther a new agreement out? Help pl

  bof:) 11:22 11 May 2005

Hi All,

I went to open my hotmail emails today and a page came up asking me to re-read my hotmail privacy agreement, put in my email address and click accept.

I cannot get past this page without clicking accept.

Is this a page from hotmail itself or what?

I seem to remember that all the previous emails hotmail have sent me concerning updates have arrived as normaal emails with the hotmail butterfly logo on the left hand side.


  bof:) 12:56 11 May 2005

Hi All, update on above.

Yesterday I was sent an email from a friend (have not opened it...cannot get to it today) and went on to look for insurance quotes.

I also collected emails from hotmail (other than friends which was sent last night) deleted all spam opened nothing else. Hotmail worked fine.

AVG has been ran and nothing found, Microsoft Antispyware also found nothing (both set to deep scan all files). Spybot s & D also found nothing.

Now scanning with AdawareSE set to full scan.

My neighbour and son can both get onto their hotmail with out the page mentioned above appearing, so why am I getting it? Is is a 'real' MSN hotmail page?

The nextdoor neighbour says he seems to recall hearing something on the radio yesterday about Hotmail having problems with a new virus....can anyone confirm this? If so where is the fix to make sure I do not have it on my pc.

Many thanks for your time,


  bof:) 14:09 11 May 2005

Hi All, further update

If I go to click here I get a message that flashes onto the screen that says page no longer exists then get a normal hotmail email page showing all emails.

I click on them and they appear.

So, why do I get page mentioned in 1st posting when I click my windows messenger icon on desktop and then go to get my emails?

Help and advise please many thanks Mike

  bof:) 14:11 11 May 2005


  bof:) 18:46 11 May 2005

Hi All,

The web address for the page I'm getting when I attept to open my hotmail emails is as follows:

click here*5hgEXaufjJLLNQ4VR2DuK5hcgM3nrX*TaUJTIbxrGEV24QbilD0qWM5d0QWm0ToCu4fUpCz8Ytyr2egfXUSB1iNse8u*2H8qjQsZB1kLyMQac2Tqzaa80CYyfRnPmMNVQEdgri8jUYzUkngwR9ZQQMYFLYS*D3TQCT2TWwIyEoMlJdf2dcxyRLpePM

I've managed to get onto emails via (where above page does not appear) and asked them if this is one of their web pages.


  JimmE 23:13 11 May 2005

The fact that the domain name is means that it is a real hotmail page. MSN preiodically update the service agreement, as you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the service before you are allowed to use it they put the message there which forces you to (pretend to) read it and ty0pe in your address to confirm.

Just do what it asks - you were right to be cautious but in this case it is OK!


  bof:) 01:06 12 May 2005

many thanks JimmE, I've done as you said and all appears well now except that everytime I go to get my emails I get asked for the password even tough I put a tick in the remember password box.

Thanks again for you help,


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