MSN Messenger Sign In Problem

  WGW 08:00 26 Sep 2003

My work PC has MSN Messenger Version 6.0. Myself and a few others have signed up, only I must have done something differently as my e-mail address keeps coming up in the sign in box whenever anybody clicks on the Messenger icon. This is a problem because it lets anyone directly access my hotmail account on that PC. I've attempted just about every alteration possible in Tools>Options and even removed Messenger and reloaded it and frustratingly my address still comes up.
In the MSN Home menu there is the option to sign in or sign in using my e-mail address.
The PC runs Windows XP.
If someone could help I would really appreciate it.
I've contacted MSN support but they don't seem to be able to answer.

  recap 11:04 26 Sep 2003

I think you have answered your own question here WGW, "In the MSN Home menu there is the option to sign in or sign in using my e-mail address". Use the sign in option not the email sign in option. Enjoy this service while it lasts though.

  WGW 12:34 26 Sep 2003

Even when I choose sign in from the file menu, a box pops up with my e-mail address and password prompt and when I delete it from there it re-appears further down the list of users and comes back as default the next time. The sign in option using my e-mail address is still in the file menu above sign in as well as on the Messenger box that automatically pops up.
There's got to be a way of removing this permanently.

  WGW 14:09 26 Sep 2003

I've managed to find the solution to this problem with a bit of trial and error.
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Advanced tab>Manage Passwords, then highlight the relevant entry (In this case my e-mail address was not shown like everyone elses on this shared PC but as something else)>Remove>Close.
This put an end to my worries.

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