MSN Messenger services and programs.

  fourjays 19:45 09 Apr 2005

Does anyone have any experience of MSN Messenger 7, and Messenger Plus (an add-on for it). I was running MSN6 with plus for a while. I am now querying the safety/stability of both (MSN7).

Since upgrading to MSN7, my PC seems to have become slightly unstable, when running anything else at the same time as messenger. Games have weird crashes for unapparent reasons.

My other concern, is the Messenger Plus add-on. While it asks you to install a sponsor on install (which I refused), there are reports of it containing spyware outside of the sponsor. Some users of it swear blind that there isn't, and neither Spybot, now Ad-Aware pick anything up. However, MS Anti-Spyware picks it up as spyware.

Anyone got any comments about these progs, and their stability/security?

  john-232317 20:16 09 Apr 2005

Been using the beta version for a while, now the full program, no problems at all. There are funny things in the messenger plus though.

  mattyc_92 20:23 09 Apr 2005

I have been using the beta version and now the full version, and I have noticed that sometimes i can't sign-in for up to 1 hour.... I also experience the dreaded "Windows Blue Screen Of Death" every so often when I am running MSN...

Haven't used Messenger Plus...

  about:blank 21:03 09 Apr 2005

Have you updated your msn-plus to the latest 3.50 version, its a great plug-in from patchou ( i helped translate it into turkish)
The new msn and msn-plus! have been fine for me, neither MS anti-spyware, spybot or ad-aware have found anything on my pc.

  fourjays 21:18 09 Apr 2005

Maybe thats the problem. idk.

My plus version is 3.50.124. Is that the latest?

It is a great program, lots of cool features. Just worried about it a bit at the moment, because of the rumours, the spyware listing, and these oddities I get when running programs with it open.

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