msn messenger problems

  ©®@$? 10:47 12 Jan 2005

i think these problems have arose since installing my router..

i have windows xp sp1, and msn messenger 6.2

the first problems i had was slow transfer rate, which i have fixed by forwarding these ports 6891 - 6900 , but other problems i have, it frequently logs me out and back in again, if i am in a group conversation, it eventually kicks me out, saying i have network problems, and not all links are visible by the person recieving them that i type or copy and paste in the window..

any idea how to sort these annoying problems, theres no doubt in my mind it's since the router..

  Timmy!! 11:08 12 Jan 2005

More details on the router please. Like make model etc. and details on your broardband supplier.

Also the router wouldn't stop you sending links in msn. Unless it doesn't send regular typed messages also. Dodgy cable maybe?

I'd reinstall MSN and run full virus and spyware scans as my first step.

  ©®@$? 11:12 12 Jan 2005


isp is pipex 1mb, router is etec 3812

no virus's, havn't re-installed msn as it was fine before the router, but will uninstall and re-install it now

  Timmy!! 11:37 12 Jan 2005

Any Spyware?

  ©®@$? 12:47 12 Jan 2005


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