msn messenger problem

  moggers 19:42 20 Mar 2006

Hi my msn messenger keeps 'hanging' when i try and sign in and when I look in my task manager at applications it is listed twice?!? is this normal or could this be the problem? Im running XP if that makes any difference

  moggers 19:56 20 Mar 2006

yeh i do have windows messenger running but Im sure that that isnt running, as I could open that right now and sign in (which I havent done yet) im a bit confused as to the 2 entries

  moggers 20:22 20 Mar 2006

No that doesnt happen Im only running the one version of messenger in that case, so why the two entries in task manager?

  moggers 23:56 20 Mar 2006

When I end one of the entries in task manager they both close anyway and when I open it back up it takes 15 minutes to sign in and then the 2 entries pop back up, just reading the blurb terryf

  moggers 00:09 21 Mar 2006

dont have messenger plus, Ive run ewido, avg, spybot, MS anti spyware, ad aware, Ive also uninstalled and installed messenger 4 times now nothing seems to work! It was fine until I set my connection up through a router but cant see why that would be the problem, although just talking to my housemate hes now having trouble signing in too!!!

  moggers 00:18 21 Mar 2006

but if the router firewall was configured not to let MSN sign in surely it wouldnt be able to do it at all , whereas it does just takes 15 minutes or so?

  moggers 00:19 21 Mar 2006

P.S. I dont think the router has a firewall anyway

  moggers 00:26 21 Mar 2006

OK how do I set it to listen at that port?

  moggers 00:27 21 Mar 2006

Yeh tried that it says 'you are connected to the internet through an unknown NAT (administrator)

  moggers 10:39 23 Mar 2006

Just installed MSN 7.0 again that does the same thing, how do I set the port to be 1863 anyone?

  moggers 14:10 23 Mar 2006

Wow thanks that is a great help sounds exactly like what i was looking for, at least now I know why its doing it even if I cant fix it straight away!! Thanks very much for your help guys

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