MSN Messenger connection problem

  Johny C 17:35 21 Mar 2004

I have Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger installed, all was wroking well until last night. I can log on using Windows messenger but not MSN Messenger. the error message reads

We where unable to sign you into .netmessenger service, possibly because of a problem with the service or with your internet connection. please make sure you are connected to the internet. 0x81008301

well i am connected to the internet, iam running windows XP and msn messenger 6.1

Thanks in advance


  Johny C 18:43 21 Mar 2004


  TopBloke37 19:20 21 Mar 2004

Refresh? Whats that cuckoon on about lol. On 2 occasions in the last 10 days the Messenger service has been down for up to several hours - all the chat rooms were full of people complaining they couldn't get on. I was the same, had the same message as you got.
It's just a case of waiting till they complete the maintenance or whatever the problem is/was at the time. Patience is the only solution. Thers nowt with your comp matey.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:23 21 Mar 2004

You can check the state of service from the link in the message it shows,see what the problem is.


  Johny C 21:43 21 Mar 2004

I have checked on there service website and it displayed the following:

All systems are stable and running.

Any other ideas, as i hate using windows messenger


  Johny C 01:23 22 Mar 2004


  BombayCallCentre 01:43 22 Mar 2004

Had that error last night too. Just tried again few min later after reboot & all was well. (relative term with windows!)

  Johny C 12:17 22 Mar 2004

I have tried to reboot several times, but it still wont work, I have uninstalled it rebooted and installed MSN Messenger again, Still nothing!

  Johny C 22:22 22 Mar 2004


  Johny C 15:28 23 Mar 2004


  mackaycc 00:23 24 Mar 2004

Have you checked to see if Messenger is allowed to connect through your firewall?

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