MSN MESSENGER: annoying or what?

  rotormota 20:49 30 Mar 2003

I've had basic free MSN Mess. for a while & for some unknown reason yesterday it started asking me to sign in manually (i.e. not automatically when icon clicked).

To add insult to injury the thing will not accept my password now & the web pages for forgotten/change passwords are unavailable.

Is it me or MSN gone loopy for a while??


  howard60 21:17 30 Mar 2003

trick in the book to get you to sign up for the monthly fee version. it is probably one of these. Chances are it will all work fine tomorrow.

  musicbassman 21:30 30 Mar 2003

Same problem with Hotmail now - if you have more than one hotmail address being used on your computer( i.e. you can't remain signed in) you have to re enter the whole address and password every time, whereas they used to auto complete. The best thing is, msn claim that this is to "improve my sign in experience". Utter utter tosh !!

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:12 31 Mar 2003

I used to have this problem,and i got round it by not letting MSN start when windows did and it also cured a few shut down probs cos no end of time it was MSN wasnt responding at shutdown fill in your password and user name as usual then connect to net and start MSN remember to tick the box that lets MSN sign in when connected,may help may not but it did the trick for me.

  timothy44 11:59 31 Mar 2003

God it has a mind of its own sometimes doesn't it? I just leave it for a while and usually rectifies itself, which is infuriating when rushing to read mail etc, but then it is FREE haha!!

  huzzar 18:25 31 Mar 2003

I'm always having trouble with the damn thing, trouble is my family is spread all over the UK and it is our link (one change - all change) Today I did my Microsoft updates and also ugraded to IE6 - I'm having trouble now and MSN Messenger is one of them, it won't appear in my taskbar even so - I will remove it and re-install I think.

  y_not 18:42 31 Mar 2003

Oh joy!!

To find out that I'm not the only one who has to sign in every time - and I don't let it start at start-up.

Guess its all in the name (MSN, where M = Microsoft!!) nuf said

  slimbo51 18:50 31 Mar 2003

I always completly de-install msm as soon as I have finished loading windows.

I think this prog is the biggest load of rubbish on the planet. (personal view)

Its hide command to stop it showing in the installed windows list is in the Sysoc inf file in windows (xp pro).

Once the hide command is removed it can be de-installed just like any other windows o/p system item.

  lesliem2 04:52 01 Apr 2003

OK--I hate this thing! Sure, I teel my 6 year old, you can play a computer game AFTER mommy deletes all the porno crap messages first!! How the heck can I stop these darn things?? I uninstalled MEssenger but they just keep coming up!

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