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  1st spring 15:00 11 Jul 2008

MSN Messenger and MSN Live are they the same? I have changed my email address 3 times in Messenger, Why 3 can't remember but I have changed providers so I changed my email address, and on top of that I have forgotten my password. I un installed it thinking this would solve the prob as I couldn't sign in. How can I go back and signe in, I get as far as them sending me an email but thats only because I give them my old email address which is no longer in use, I give them my new email but I cannot remember my password so I am going round in cycles can any one help please. I do not want skyp.

  nikef 16:26 11 Jul 2008

sea princess xp
have you tried signing up again with differnet username and new email addy ?

  1st spring 16:49 11 Jul 2008

Do you mean a different email name because the answer is yes. What do you mean username? I thought I just had to put in a password.

  nikef 17:05 11 Jul 2008

sorry what i mean is get a new msn email addy

username is

[email protected]

  1st spring 17:23 11 Jul 2008

I thought I had replyed. I have a new email address which I use for my email's and I use it for my MSN, the same as I did before when I was with NTL, I had only one email address for MSN and my private email's. I didn't want a hot mail address.

  1st spring 17:31 11 Jul 2008

My user name is """"", I am now with the Post office, before it was """"" plus a password that I put in for MSN Messenger. If I put in my old NTL email address it tells me it will send me my password but as I no longer useing that one It not arrive and I don't want to lose the new one as I like it so I am worried about going back to the old NTL to find my password that's if it's poss.

  nikef 17:31 11 Jul 2008

you have to have a hotmail address to use msn

  1st spring 17:35 11 Jul 2008

Sorry I didn't mean anything by I thought I had replyed, because I did think I had after you explaind but it wasn't there so thats when I put that comment in, not realizing how it came over. Sorry. What do you think I should do now?

  tullie 17:36 11 Jul 2008

As Nikef says,you need a hotmail addy to use it.

  nikef 17:44 11 Jul 2008

no need to appologize

what you need to do now is sign up to msn hotmail

here is the link to get you started click here if it askes for an email addy,give your post office 1

that way if you forget your password it will be sent to that 1 , hope this helps

  1st spring 17:57 11 Jul 2008

I am looking at Net Passport wizard. It says I can use it to sign into Windows Live ID. What dose this mean? I never had a hot mail address before. Looking at my other 3 address's. I can also see one of my contacts address too, as if it was mine at one time, isn't that strange? So you think I should make a hotmail account and make a new password then everything willbe ok, yes?

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