MSN Messenger

  Fatbelly 20:49 06 Sep 2003

I have been offline for 3 weeks due to having a new motherboard fitted.

I got the PC back today and I have been trying to log on to MSN messenger ( version 6.0 ) all day but it won't log me on.
It acts like there is no internet connection
I run Win Xp Home.
Has anyone any ideas????????
I run AVG Anti Virus which I updated today.
I am on NTL B/B

  Fatbelly 21:02 06 Sep 2003

I have also just tried running Windows Update, but it says
"The page you are trying to view cannot be displayed because the server it resides on does not respond. Please try again later"
Whist I have been oof ine these 3 weeks has something happened to M$

  Fatbelly 21:19 06 Sep 2003

Can any one help me???????????

  sdf 21:22 06 Sep 2003

this may or may not be the problem but i am on NTL BB also, apparantly NTL have been having ongoing trouble with many of thier inter-conects resulting in a number of web pages not being able to be accessed, and as such one could assume it might also have an effect on messenger? just an idea

  Fatbelly 21:31 06 Sep 2003


Do you have MSN messenger? if so will it let you log on

  sdf 21:38 06 Sep 2003

does now - it wouldnt earlier today - t'was just an idea

  irfan 22:56 06 Sep 2003

i think on startup everything does load properly, so got star, run, and enter msconfig, then click selective startup and restart your machine. see i that works

  peterleay 00:01 07 Sep 2003

I had NTL 150k B/band installed last Tuesday and haven't been able to access MSN or its web site since. I get message there may be a prob with server etc etc. I phoned NTL yesterday [3 days after installation]who told me they had just learnt there was a problem with their server & expected it to be fixed by 3pm yesterday. Still nothing! But I have 3 friends on NTL & they can connect ok!
This doesn't solve your problem - but just thought I'd share my frustration.

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