MSN Interception - how to stop??

  Raywood 11:49 18 Jul 2004

How can I stop MSN un-nescessarily diverting my web access. I have a V21 internet connection, but when I type in www[dot]pcadvisor[dot]co[dot]uk, ([dot]=.) for example. MSN tells me it doesn't exist, but I could try: www[dot]pcadvisor[dot]co[dot]uk (or the web address of another website.) how do I stop this MSN pest??

  andrew-196854 17:43 18 Jul 2004

this may sound silly but have you changed your home page to msn go tools internet options delete the address in there and put what you want in does this help or is it something else

  Diodorus Siculus 17:59 18 Jul 2004

MSM tries to be helpful and suggests the site you may want if the one you typed in does not exist.

It can be told not to, but I cannot find the tweak at the moment; if I do, I will post it.

  Raywood 11:36 19 Jul 2004

My set homepage is It just gets annoying that it suggests exactly the same address that I originally typed.

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