MSN IE main display picture on one side

  Cesare 16:44 12 Jun 2006

MSN main picture all data onesided.
For the last month I had to endure seeing my main home page, displayed to the left side of the screen. Each story is displayed well and readable but in a vertical position. I have checked for viruses, malware etc and I am clean. Microsoft support gave me a few suggestions to rectify this but no joy and I think that they gave up on me now. It is not a big thing, but a nuisance. I have winxp Prof sp2, Dell Dimension 4600 Pentium4 2.66GHZ; 756 RAM; 120GB Hard Drive Nvidia Geforce FX5200; DirectX 9.0c
Any suggestions please/

  john-232317 17:15 12 Jun 2006

Have you tried downloading it again ?

  Cesare 17:49 12 Jun 2006

Do you mean downloading IE6 again ? No. Do I uninstall it from add/remove? Or do I just download a fresh copy and install?

  Cesare 08:06 13 Jun 2006

I think that the best way is to leave it as is, and then download and install Internet explorer 7 when it is no longer Beta. (God knows when !)

  john-232317 12:02 13 Jun 2006

No just download MS Messenger again over the top of the other one.

  Cesare 12:10 13 Jun 2006

You mean download IE6 not MSN messenger I presume ?

  john-232317 12:19 13 Jun 2006

No leave IE as it is and just download MS Messenger click here

  Cesare 12:24 13 Jun 2006

According to Internet Explorer Help if I enable ' Use windows display settings on web page' it might do the trick....but I cant find it in IE Tools/internet explorer/ definitely is not there. Do you have it pl;ease ?

  Cesare 13:17 13 Jun 2006

Downloaded and installed MSN Messenger. No change to the MSN display picture.

  john-232317 14:06 13 Jun 2006

I think I have lost the plot here a bit.

Your problem is the page is half as wide as it should be right ?

MS messenger is always a narrow screen, but if you mean page then that should be normal size.

Next to the cross, top right of window, in a little square, are there two or one screens ? if there are two click on them, if there is one do the following......

Put your cursor on the side of the page until it turns to an arrow with a point at each end, press left mouse button down and drag cursor to the side until it is big enough then release. close the window with the cross when you finish then it should be OK when you reopen it.

  Cesare 15:13 13 Jun 2006

sorry my friend but I have two and clicking on them do not make a difference. Do you know how to get to Windows display settings because I think thats all I need to adjust the page. Please see this

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