MSN Hotmail Problem

  Tyke64 22:55 14 Oct 2005

When trying to delete the contents of my trashcan in my MSN hotmail account a pop-up appears downloading a file. This ends up with a message saying that the operation failed.The same happens when I try to open a file in my e-mail or press the send button for a new message. There are 2 other accounts on the PC working perfectly.
I have contacted MSN support but they claim they are very busy and therefore have not got any joy from them. I have tried accessing my account via MSN Explorer and MSN Hotmail on Internet Explorer.I have not downloaded any new software.
If anyone can help me solve the problem I would be most grateful.
Ray Stirk

  Alf58 23:03 14 Oct 2005

MSN is rubbish at the moment. I cant even empty my junk mail folder. When I press empty or even delete I always get the same result: nothing happens.

  Tyke64 23:07 14 Oct 2005

Thanks for confirming my suspicions! It seems that we are not alone. Maybe it is time to switch to another providor.

  wee eddie 23:35 14 Oct 2005

Your junk is deleted after 5 days and your Trash Can within 48 hours of deletion.

If you're worried that someone might read your mail, they could, of course, log on before you have had time to read it. The information required to do this is exactly the same!

  Tyke64 09:19 15 Oct 2005

Thanks for your comments. If the problem were just with trashcan I would not be too bothered but I can't access any of my files or ay of facilities in my e-mail. The download pop-up prevents that.

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