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  Stirkius 21:58 15 Feb 2004

This problem is driving me nuts !!!!!
I want to delete a person from my contacts list and I cannot get them to disappear....
I logon to contacts on top tab (this shows me a list of people i have as contacts ....I put a tick in the box next to name I want to delete and click delete whereupon a "web dialoge box " box appears with a warning triangle and a blank box....
My other atempt was as on options top right of email page..then on contacts tab on left...favourites contacts list field (which brings up two boxes entitled "My Contacts" and Favourite Contacts".....the favourite one behaves itself and allows me to remove the name I want but the My contacts does not...i highlight the name and click on remove and it says "please selsct a contact from the list first" ....but what list is this......argggggggggggg please save my sanity !!!!

Any ideas all you boffins in Computer CyberLand ??

  johnnyrocker 22:04 15 Feb 2004

have you tried contacts and then clicked on favourites/edit favourites in the top left corner? it brings up a box which allows you to remove at will,


  Stirkius 11:02 16 Feb 2004

Thanks for the answer
I think what you are describing is perfectly correct to get rid of a name shown in "favourites" contact list....this has not been a problem
What I realy want to do is delete the name fom the "MY CONTACTS" box on the left hand side which I am still stuck with....

  johnnyrocker 11:03 16 Feb 2004

it also comes up with the contacts list and enables you to do the same with contacts. try it


  johnnyrocker 11:14 16 Feb 2004

oops, the correct wat to do it is list contacts put a tick next to undesired and click delete in the toolbar at the top, worked first time on mine.


  Stirkius 11:15 16 Feb 2004

I take it you are online as we speak....what a coincidence !!

Tried as you suggest clicking on the column headed
Contacts (with a gold star) favorites, edit favorites, selecting the mane i want to delete fro my contacts box but it keeps bringing up a blank white box saying with no writing with three choices at bottom cancel - more info - sign up now

What a moment - a script error box has just appeared (not seen one of these b4)and in it says are you sure you want to delete.....looks as tho my msn hotmail may be corrupted....any ideas where to go from here ?

  johnnyrocker 11:21 16 Feb 2004

uninstall reinstall? run a virus check plus spy bot and adaware first.


  Stirkius 11:23 16 Feb 2004

Yes that may be the question is what do I uninstall and where do I get hotmail from ....I thought it cam as a package ....

Sorry to be a pain....

  johnnyrocker 11:27 16 Feb 2004

no prob, try add remove programs in control panel? then go to msn home page and d/load another version.

good luck


  Stirkius 11:29 16 Feb 2004

will do - watch this space !!

  Stirkius 22:42 16 Feb 2004

What a mightmare .....
Have deleted as suggested....msn version is now 6.1 which my machine does not like....keeps saying it does not recognise me....finally downloaded again from my XP on version 4.7 but hey it works and im not willing to spend any more time on this poorly supported/difficult software.....
and yes i still got the problem where i cannot delete people from MY CONTACTS....but what the hell life is too short to worry !!

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