Msn /Hotmail hijack problem ?

  bus man 12:03 07 Dec 2007

Hi everyone .
My ebay account was recently hijacked , which somehow has also affected my msn mail account ( I think )
. I am still able to log in no problem , but on my inbox page , whilst on Firefox there are lots of question marks (??????) and the font has changed . In IE there are cube sort of shapes and proper words . It appears as if the page is in Chinese as any attempt to change it just leads to more ??????'s etc and lots of chinese ads .
I will apologise in advance for my absence , as I soon have to leave for work , but will do my best to reply as soon as I can .
Hopefully this is a simple problem to sort out , but I am at a loss .
Thanks in advance . Trevor .

  bus man 12:25 07 Dec 2007

Off to work in a moment , so please , anyone with an idea . I realise it may be something very simple , but to find the settings when it's all in chinese or question marks is nigh on impossible . Thanks again .

  lotvic 12:46 07 Dec 2007

I would change your password and see if that makes a difference

  bus man 13:09 07 Dec 2007

Thanks for that . I think that was the first thing I did , but will give it try later .

  lotvic 13:25 07 Dec 2007

log in on this page click here
which is MSM Account Services and will, after you have logged in, show your account details.
In case the above didn't convert to a link, here is the tiny one click here

You can then change the alternate email address for the new password to be sent to and check all your details.

click on Settings in left column

then in middle column click on Alternate e-mail
a new box will open, enter your password and the alternate e-mail addy you want your new password to be sent to.
Click on Save

  bus man 14:03 07 Dec 2007

Thanks again . Will give it a try later and let you know . Cheers

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