MSN & Hotmail

  spiders 10:58 02 Sep 2003

Hi Guys,
I am having a problem logging on to MSN and Hotmail,this started yesterday.I have tried to log on as a guest using someone elses account but no joy. My friend in Canada is having no problem at all.Anyone else having the same problem? Or is it just me. Have tried going straight through to ww etc and signing in there but it says the page cannot be displayed.....Any ideas?
Thanks in advance Phil.

  expertec 20:46 04 Sep 2003

you using AOL? click here

  peterleay 21:25 04 Sep 2003

I've been unsuccessfully trying to log into msn messenger since yesterdaY PM. I keep getting same message about not being connected to internet - but I am. Tried to log onto 'help' button but comes up page unavailable. But other freinds in the same geographical location as me can get in ok... so don't know what's up! And I'm not using dread AOL!!

  ahales42 23:09 04 Sep 2003

aol, timewarner and road runner users had this problem from 11am on tues to about 9pm wed. what isp are you using?

  spiders 00:42 05 Sep 2003

Hi guys and thanks for your response. I am with BT Internet and got so fed up that I tried Ghosting back on XP, and the problem stopped. I have no idea what it was,but suspect the Sobig virus may have something to do with it. Yet my virus protector F Prot, from Frisk software is completely up to date,yet does not pick it up. Seems ok at the moment ,but still grateful for any help.
Cheers Phil.

  jono0630 11:49 09 Sep 2003

i am on ntl broadband not aol and am having the same problem logging into yahoo messenger sice last friday any ideas ?

  budlia 22:02 09 Sep 2003

i`m with telewest and i`m having the same problem with msn not being able to sign in it was ok up to last thurs,i tried system restore too but that wont restore now ........HELP !!!

  BarryKeith 22:09 09 Sep 2003

Yahoo, MSN and u$oft are all having problems at present, also some other sites are affected. I have no idea as to what the problem is, just that there seems to be quite a swathe of US sites that are down.

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