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  1st spring 10:45 17 Nov 2011

My MSN home page keeps changing I cannot get it back the way it used to look with a blue envelope I can of cause get MSN home page but not the one that I liked. Has the page changed or is it me?

  Graphicool1 16:09 17 Nov 2011

When your current MSN site opens isn't there a button somewhere along the top, (it may have a picture of a house on it) 'Home'. If you click this it will take you to the MSN 'Home' page.

Type MSN in your browsers search bar. Click on any selection that says '', when I did this I was offered the choice of opening either MSN UK or USA. This might be your problem? Perhaps originally you were watching the USA site or visa versa.

Having said all that it is quite possible that they have just changed the design of their web page. If this is the case then my friend you'll probably just have to go with the flow, as regulars of PCA are having to do since PCA changed this site.

Such is life :)

  1st spring 09:44 18 Nov 2011

Thank you for your advise. I was on MSN UK I have seen on the web that the site has changed. Unfortunately change is not always for the better. They do say, "if it works don't fix it".

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