MSN e-mail problem ?

  isaac 21:21 12 Jan 2003
  isaac 21:21 12 Jan 2003

Hello to all.

Is anyone having a problem sending e-mails to a MSN address, I am, 4 days later they are bounced back with a could not deliver tag, yet they are getting through to me ok ! anyone help ?

  shortcircuited 21:54 12 Jan 2003

make sure the address is totally correct. is it all your emails or only some

  Nellie2 21:57 12 Jan 2003

Strange that!! I am having the same problem trying to send emails to an excite address!! The person I am sending to is not recieving them. Can't be me as all the other emails I have been sending have been getting through ok.

  isaac 22:05 12 Jan 2003

It's only to this person, I reckon there end is wrongly configured, being msn are they overun ? with xmas and such ?

  Ironman556 22:12 12 Jan 2003

If you use outlook or somthing similar and are sending from an address given by an ISP, but are not connected to them, you may not be able to send mail using that address. ie. I cannot send from my UKOnline address when copnnected to BTOpenworld.

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