Msn Doesn't Work !

  olyt 18:20 11 Aug 2003

My Msn Messenger stopped working one day and as i have a lot of friends i cant talk to them :( I've searched google and other places and it looks like quite a few people have this problem too. So whether its something lieka virus of some kind wich prevents me from signing in, i dont know. I have tried signing in around my friends house and it worked so i know that my password is right and my account hasnt been killed!
It's really annoying so if you know of any solutions tell me:)
I thought it could be a corrupt preference but i have uninstalled and reinstalled loads of times with different versions so i dont think it is !


  Ironman556 19:49 11 Aug 2003

Leave it a few days and try again. Someone I know couldn't sign into Hotmail a couple of days ago, but I could get in. 3 days later all's back to normal, don't know what's going on.

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