MSN crashes & possible virus

  dm77 20:41 30 Oct 2007

When I'm chatting on MSN, the chat window sometimes freezes & disappears. I cannot log back onto that contact (on the contact list), & have to log out of MSN, and relog in to chat again.

At the same time, the person I'm chatting to receives an "image" file, (which I haven't sent), or, they receive a chat message (which I haven't typed).

This has happened on more than one occasion, chatting to different people.

My antivirus is also picking up a few threats/trojans.

Any advice on what this may be, or how to sort it out would be greatly appreciated.


  birdface 20:54 30 Oct 2007

Time to run all your Spyware and Anti-Virus programs.In safe mode if possible.If they find anything and delete it, When finished run C Cleaner.Then reboot your computer.Run your Spyware and Anti-Virus programs again and see if it is all clear.

  birdface 16:56 31 Oct 2007

If you have ran all your security programs and found nothing,The next step would be to delete Messenger Plus if you have it.And then delete Msn messenger. Run c cleaner and re-install Msn, or windows messenger ,Whatever.And only install Messenger Plus if you can download it without the crap that come's with it.

  dm77 20:06 31 Oct 2007


I'll get on & follow that advice

  p;3 17:22 15 Nov 2007

as this was on page 26 of the forum may we assume you have run all your scans, followed the advise suggested and are now clean?

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