msn chatrooms

  robert-259135 13:26 29 Jul 2004

i hope someone can help me out here ...i have a msn chatroom ive been try to put background music on it for a few days now but the codes i got dont work all is ok until i save the page can anyone help? why will it play ok until i save the page?

  ianeon 16:05 29 Jul 2004

I thought MSN had closed all its chatrooms in the UK ?
Please advise - I'd luv to get back in - Thank you

  mcds01 16:26 29 Jul 2004

MSN did close all their chatrooms but the communties /groups still operate. go to the msn home page, click on community or something similar then click on groups. they have a wide range of groupds covering many intersts.

  mcds01 16:34 29 Jul 2004

should have said that these groups sometimes operate their own chatrooms within.

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