MSN 6.2 Troubles

  User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 22:13 19 Sep 2004

I downloaded the newer version over the top of my old one,I did it many times with no problems,But now i just did it and it wont sign in.I have NAV 2004,i also downloaded the systems 1 AND 2 windows service pack. Im on W XP. Any takers?

  jimv7 00:30 20 Sep 2004

As the messenger engine has changed with the update, have you checked that your firewall is letting it access the net.

  Old Shep 09:03 20 Sep 2004

When I upgraded to 6.2 I had horrendous problems signing in. Did everything and eventually just opened a new account. However a days later tried my old account again and it worked!!!!

Go onto thier site click here and see if you can log on there.

This is what msn say

If your Passport is not recognized, go to a Passport site (click here or click here) sign in, and make sure you are recognized there. If you are recognized there but still can't sign into .NET Messenger Service, the messaging servers could be temporarily down for maintenance or may have reached capacity due to heavy Internet traffic (during peak usage hours). Wait a short while, and then try again. You can check our server status page for the latest information on the service.

You may also want to:
Disable your 'auto-detect' settings on your browser. For Internet Explorer users, click the IE Tools menu, click Internet Options, click the Connections tab, click the LAN Settings button, and then clear the 'Automatically Detect Settings' box.
Check for a false proxy setting. On the MSN Messenger Tools menu, click Options. On the Connection tab, be sure the 'I use a proxy server' check box is clear. This option should only be selected if your network administrator tells you to do so.

Thx guys....I had a fidde around with the settings on the service pack 2 updates...and it worked,More luck than judgement,But i'll take it!
Cheers. Andy.

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