MSN 6 problem

  minty1 17:48 11 Oct 2003

I have downloaded MSN6 onto my daughters PC - running windows XP.

It loads OK but then just "disappears" off the screen after connecting. Also the icon in the task bar does the same.

Nay solutions to problem. I've tried re-installing but still no joy.

  Proxy Worm 19:02 11 Oct 2003

remove it and dowload mit agian from click here

  Proxy Worm 19:05 11 Oct 2003

soz the link should be click here

  minty1 20:17 11 Oct 2003

Ive already tried that and still get the same problem.

  powerless 20:21 11 Oct 2003

Do you get a balloon tip pop up?

  keith-236785 20:27 11 Oct 2003

can you find MSN Messenger 6.0 in the start menu, if so what happens when you click that?

  keith-236785 20:35 11 Oct 2003

if you are on dial up, disconnect from the internet, then disable your anti-virus/firewall and try again, if it works then enable your anti-virus while Messenger is open, your anti-virus should recognise the new program and ask if you want to grant access.

  minty1 23:09 11 Oct 2003

MSN is in start menu. If I click it loads but as soon as it connects it disappears.

Tried the firewall and that doesn't work either. Really weird.

Thanks for your help so far

  powerless 23:17 11 Oct 2003

Do you get a balloon tip pop up?

  minty1 00:24 12 Oct 2003

No I don't hink so Powerless

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