helpingf 19:09 27 Feb 2006

msn problem seems to effect everyone version 7-5 i have tried everything to restore my sounds when my online signs in, did reinstall tick all sounds box everything i could tink off?

  rsinbad 19:23 27 Feb 2006

what sounds are you not able to hear?

  Madscot_uk 19:25 27 Feb 2006

Try going to Start menu/control panel/sounds and audio devices. Click on the sounds tab, in program events scroll down untill you find MSN messenger, you should be able to listen to/change the sounds for messenger

  helpingf 19:33 27 Feb 2006

pop up sounds i have done what you said it still no working

  rsinbad 19:39 27 Feb 2006

have you enabled this in messenger tools?

dbl click on messenger in taskbar/tools/options/alerts and sounds

  helpingf 19:46 27 Feb 2006

yes i have

  rsinbad 19:54 27 Feb 2006

have you had this problem since downloading 7.5 or has it suddenly lost the alet sounds.

I use messenger8 beta which you need an invite for.

  helpingf 20:03 27 Feb 2006

since i download msn new version 7-5 messenger8 beta is it the same private ?

  rsinbad 20:07 27 Feb 2006

have a look click here

messenger beta 8 is the next version up from 7.5 if you want to try it you can email me and i will send you an invite ;however you will loose any emoticons you have created.

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