Derries 13:56 12 Dec 2004

Is there any way to disable msn messenger when you start it rather than having to choose an option manually.I mean for example to show you are offline all the time when you start it??.

  woofwoofbark 14:02 12 Dec 2004

on msn main buddie window ... go to tools/options/general

untick the following

Automatically run messenger when windows starts

Allow automatic sign in when connected to the internet

  woofwoofbark 14:03 12 Dec 2004

plus you can simply ignore those on your list , right click choose block , if you wanna chat to someone on the list then simply right click then choose unblock

  Derries 14:08 12 Dec 2004

Silly question this but how do i get into the main buddie window........:(

  Derries 14:22 12 Dec 2004

Problem solved thank you somewhere i belong..:)

  JIM 14:24 12 Dec 2004

with msm on the desktop (showing your contacts) just go to the tools tab and follow what "somewhere i belong" posted.

  JIM 14:26 12 Dec 2004

well done.

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