msn and 0x810000301

  katedi 08:12 14 Jan 2005

hi Everyone
I have a puzzle with msn messenger and not being able to log in, which seems to be linked to something in IE, but I dont know what.

I have msn6.1, but have had the same problem with windows messenger, and I use the same laptop at home and work. At home I am wifi on BTinternet, and at work am wlan on a wpa network. Msn works fine at home, but mostly, will not login at work, where I get teh message "we are unable to log you in, are you connected to the internet? 0x810000301". I have the same problem with Google desktop, which works fine at home, and on mozilla at work, but will not work on IE at work where I get this message
"While trying to retrieve the URL: click here

The following error was encountered:

Access Denied.
Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect"

Msn webmessenger does not work with IE, but it does with mozilla.
I have checked with my wlan support person and he has no controls beyond the wpa, and canot see the reason for the problems.
Has anyone got any solutions for this - I use MSN as part of my working day and am starting to find it very frustrating.

  john-232317 08:42 14 Jan 2005

Have you tried a re- install of MSN Messenger, but if you get the same with win messenger maybe its a firewall problem.

  katedi 08:51 14 Jan 2005

I have tried reinstalling and repairing IE, MSN and windows messenger. I have zone alarm, and wlan support says he has no firewall. He tried my msn log in on his machine without problems

  john-232317 09:13 14 Jan 2005

Try copying the error number you got..... 0x810000301 ....into google, somtimes other people have the same problem and sort it on different forums.

  katedi 12:31 14 Jan 2005

I tried searching google with teh error number but the majority of people with the problem see to be non english speaking, and although some sites are trnaslated they are very hard to understand

  john-232317 18:34 14 Jan 2005

Oooooh yeah i see what you mean, at least the problem is worldwide.

"wlan support says he has no firewall. He tried my msn log in on his machine without problems "

Are any of the security settings in IE different on your works machine from your home one ?

  katedi 19:24 14 Jan 2005

Its the same laptop, just shut down and booted up in different locations. I blamed the wlan techie originally, but he checked and assured me that a) nothing had changed from when it worked previously, and b) had no wlan firewalls/security policies beyond basic wpa

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