MSM Messenger 4.7 & 6.2

  MIKE 11:15 18 Jul 2004

Could any of the folks out there throw some light on what appears to be a strange problem. I have two versions of MSN Messenger on my PC one is version 4.7 & the other is 6.2. The problem I have is windows will pick either version to use and then tells me I am already logged into one or the other version and then logs me out to go into the other one. I can see no way of removing version 4.7 as it does not show on the add and remove programmes under control panel though 6.2 is there. How can I remove 4.7 and not muck up 6.2 in the removal process.Excuse poor grammar

  powerless 11:31 18 Jul 2004

4.7 is more than likely Windows Messenger and not MSN Messenger, the version 6 one.

To remove Windows Messenger: click here

  soy 11:33 18 Jul 2004

I too have the same problem. The 4.7 is 'windows Messenger' which is built into the operating system. I've actually removed the program from add/remove by performing a registery tweak which makes it appear in add/remove, but it doesn't actually get unistalled. It keeps popping up with outlook express :(. The 6.2 is 'MSN Messenger' a third party application.

  MIKE 11:47 18 Jul 2004

Thanks Powerless and Soy just decided to use my eyes and as you say it is windows messenger not MSN mesenger.Would it be better to leave windows messenger alone and just live with the foilbles it throws up.

  Audeal 12:01 18 Jul 2004

If you go to Control Panel and select add/remove programs then select add/remove windows components, Messenger will be listed there and you can remove the tick, it will then be removed from you system. You will need you Windows Disk to do this.

  cga 12:02 18 Jul 2004

MSN messenger seems to be more compatible with a broader range of users than Windows messenger. There is another active thread (sorry - I dont know x-ref it) about this.
If you use OE then the clean approach suggested by powerless is better than my 'quick & dirty' of simply renaming MSMSGS.EXE. I use OUTLOOK and had no problems.

  MIKE 12:04 18 Jul 2004

Thanks everyone for your help

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